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Roofing ArdmoreRoofing Ardmore

There is nothing quite as satisfying as providing the roof over your own head. If you are like most people, you and your mortgage will be together for a long time, especially if you plan to keep your current home. The chances are high that you will repair or replace your roof more than once. Storms tend to include flying debris. As the first line of defense, your shingles receive most of the damage. Keeping the weather outside where it belongs is easy when you have a properly installed roof. It only makes sense to call us, the experts at roofing in Ardmore, when the need arises.

Getting an estimate for your roofing in Ardmore AL is as easy as calling us. We are trusted licensed and insured contractors with roofing experience you can count on. Our roofing expert will meet with you at the job site for commercial jobs or your home for residential jobs so you can witness the inspections yourself. He will go up onto your roof to measure and inspect flashings right on the spot. Some customers like to save money by doing their own tear off. We suspect that some homeowners simply enjoy the satisfaction of getting their hands on the job! Either way, our experienced roofers put your needs first, and will be sure to provide the bid that best suits your need.

Roofing Ardmore ALRoofing Ardmore AL

The bid includes labor and materials for new roofs or repairs. Sometimes unexpected costs arise. This may be a water-damaged sheet of plywood that lay hidden until tear off. Flashings sometimes look okay until fully exposed. It is never a good idea to install a new roof with bad flashings or decking material. The price of the roof depends on the material guarantee; shingles with a 20-year guarantee cost less than the 30-year kind.

The tear off is step one. The best approach is to have a refuse container on site. Using a shovel or pitchfork, workers pry the roof off. It is important to remove any nails or other fasteners that have worked their way loose. Pounding them down is not a solution because they will probably poke their heads back up again. The problem is the roofing underlayment; damaging it makes the roof leak. Protecting gutters, trees and shrubs that are very close to the structure is advisable. Park your vehicles at a safe distance.

Roofing Ardmore ALabamaRoofing Ardmore ALabama

The time it takes to install your new roof depends on the weather, the size of the job, and the intricacies of your roof. Installing the flashings around dormer windows, chimneys, pipes, and valleys takes time. An approximate time to completion comes with your cost estimate.

Roofing in Ardmore Florida is our specialty and our passion. We have the knowledge and expertise your home deserves. Call us when you need roofing in Ardmore. We are ready for action.

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